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Perched on the edge of the magnificent Pacific Ocean, Newport is a dynamic, warm community of 10,100 with active fishing, tourism, scientific, and arts communities. It is a perfect place to live, play, work, raise a family, and do business. It is home to Oregon’s largest fishing fleet, miles of sandy beaches, Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and the West Coast home port of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We welcome you to explore what Newport has to offer through this website as well as by visiting or moving your home, business, or family here.

Newport: A City Rich in History

If all the world’s an oyster, the City of Newport is definitely a pearl.

In fact, it was the Yaquina Bay oyster beds that first attracted settlers to Newport in 1862. Great profits were made by exporting the delicacy to San Francisco and elsewhere, and those settlers were the first to experience all the treasures the area had to offer.

Yaquina Bay opened to white settlement in 1864. Newport’s first tourist destination resort was built in 1866 by a forward-thinking pioneer named Sam Case. It was Sam who named the town “Newport,” after his favorite town in Rhode Island. More resorts soon followed, paving the way for Newport’s incorporation in 1882 and establishing the community as a premier tourist destination along the Oregon coast.

Newport’s subsequent development centered around three distinct areas: The Bayfront, Nye Beach, and the Highway 101 Corridor. The tourism industry has enjoyed a long, successful history in Newport. In the early 1900s, Nye Beach was the number one tourist attraction on the Oregon coast, offering salt-water taffy stores, concessions, agate shops and penny arcades, as well as rooming houses and resorts.

Newport’s seafood industry boomed in 1908 when electricity (and refrigeration) became available. Construction of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse helped make Yaquina Bay a favorite shipping port. The seafood industry still thrives today – Newport’s Bayfront is home to Oregon’s largest commercial fishing fleet.

The timber industry also carved a niche in Newport’s history. The area was the location of the world’s largest spruce mill built by the U.S. government to supply the airplane industry in World War I. In fact, the mill provided all the wood that went into Howard Hughe’s famous Spruce Goose aircraft.

Completed in 1936, the Yaquina Bay Bridge is perhaps the most recognizable landmark in Newport. The bridge helped the city become more cohesive and fostered growth along the Highway 101 corridor.

Today, Newport’s history is still being made. The city is a well-balanced mix of industries, including tourism, fishing, forestry and marine science. By blending the best of new and old business, landmarks and attractions, Newport is preserving the treasures of the Oregon coast – now and for the future. Get to know Newport!

Governance & Safety

The City of Newport operates under a Council-Manager form of government, a common approach to governance for smaller cities like ours. Under this structure, the City Council, elected by the citizens of the city, employs a professional City Manager to serve as the administrative head of the city. The Newport City Council includes the Mayor and six councilors, all uncompensated volunteers, elected from the city at large. Mayoral terms are two years while Council terms are four years. Volunteer committees appointed by the Mayor advise the Council on a number of key topics.

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Travel Distance / Time from Oregon Cities

Albany 65 Miles 1 hour
Beaverton 109 Miles 2 hours
Bend 180 Miles 3 hours
Corvallis 53 Miles 1 hour
Eugene 95 Miles 1 and 3/4 hours
Medford 240 Miles 4 hours
Portland 114 Miles 2 hours
Roseburg 144 Miles 3 hours
Salem 83 Miles 1 and 1/2 hours


Perched on the edge of the beautiful Pacific, Newport is served by U.S. Highway 101, which runs north and south along the entire U.S. coast, and U.S. 20, which runs east and west across the whole country, terminating in Newport (the eastern terminus is in Boston, MA!) Newport is a key western portal to Oregon's Central Coast, located 60 miles from Interstate 5. There are many ways to get around within Newport, and in and out of the city.

Weather & Climate

Don't ask us to explain it in meteorological terms, but when it comes to weather here, the one constant is change. Over the course of any given day, we may have sun, and totally clear skies, followed by rain and wind. Or a foggy morning may give way to an unseasonably warm, sunny afternoon. So before you cancel a trip to Newport based on a generalized forecast of inclement weather, know that by the time you get here, things will probably have changed—and you could be basking in sun and blue skies.

Relocation & Community Resources

Newport Police Department

Newport Police Department

City Hall
169 SW Coast Hwy
Newport, OR 97365

Business Office: (541) 574-334824-hour

Dispatch: (541) 265-4231

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Post Office

Post Office

USPS Newport
310 SW 2nd St
Newport, OR 97365

(541) 574-6746

www.usps.com »

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Natural Gas & Propane

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Water & Sewer

       City of Newport...... 541-574-0611

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