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Lincoln County School District (LCSD), headquartered in Newport, serves 5,200 students in 10 regular schools and four public charter schools, with a total of approximately 500 employees.

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High Schools

Career Tech High School, Lincoln City - Grades 9-12; 69 students

Eddyville Charter School, Eddyville - Grades K-12; 207 students

Newport High/Newport Preparatory Academy, Newport - Prep School (Grades 7-8) and 4 Year High School (Grades 9-12); 778 students

Taft High, Lincoln City - Grades 7-12; 596 students

Toledo Junior/Senior High, Toledo - Grades 7-12; 300 students

Waldport High, Waldport - Grades 9-12; 209 students

Middle Schools

Crestview Heights School, Waldport - Grades K-8; 419 students

Isaac Newton Magnet, Newport - Grades 6-8; 461 students

Newport Intermediate School/ Isaac Newton Magnet School, Newport - Grades 4-6; 461 students

Siletz Valley Charter School, Siletz - Grades K-8; 196 students

Elementary Schools - Oceanlake Elementary, Lincoln City - Grades K-56; 488 students

Sam Case Primary / Early Childhood Center, Newport - Grades K-3; 400 students

Taft Elementary, Lincoln City - Grades K-6; 416 students

Toledo Elementary, Toledo - Grades K-6; 359 students


Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) is headquartered in Newport. Students can complete the first two years of a bachelor's degree at Oregon Coast, earn an associate degree, take courses to obtain employment, prepare to start a small business, get a GED, learn English as a second language, or take courses for personal enrichment. Seecollege profile. 

"Ed Net"

Higher education is also served locally through "Ed Net," an interactive satellite technology located at Hatfield Marine Science Center. 

Vocational Education

Vocation and technical education is also available through private career training centers and through various programs offered by Community Services Consortium and One-Stop Career Center. 

Newport Education Statistics (Census 2000)

Less than 9th Grade: 4.6%

9th to 12th grade, no diploma: 10.8%

High School graduate (includes GED): 24.1%

Some college, no degree: 28.3%

Associate degree: 5.5%

Bachelor's degree: 14.9%

Graduate or professional degree: 11.9%

Lincoln County Education Enrollment 2011

K-12: 5,200

OCCC: Over 2,000 students each year

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